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For legacy devices that do not support OnBoard tracking, the Argos Keypad delivers the same embedded workflow in a simple compact hardware accessory.

Create and Configure a Keypad in Argos Manager

  1. Open Argos Manager and click "Devices & Terminals"
  2. Click the + icon and choose Copier...
  3. Give the Keypad a descriptive name, for example "Downstairs Keypad"
  4. Click OK
  5. If the copier's accounting harness supports only standard pulse information, set the default B&W Media to "Small"
  6. Set "Regular paper size" to "Letter"
  7. Click the "Device Information" tab
  8. If this device supports page size, duplex or color detection, click Advanced... to select the additional options
  9. Set B&W, color and duplex media all to the same media
  10. Set Large paper size to "Tabloid"
  11. Click "Device Information" to set the Device Name, and optionally set the Group, Location, and device owner
  12. Click OK to save the device





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