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What is Argos OnBoard for Canon?

Argos OnBoard for Canon automatically uploads new users to your Canon ImageRunner or ImageRunner Advance MFP, enables Secure Release and Global Print functionality, and tracks all copy, print and scan activity. 

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Setting up Argos OnBoard for Canon

Argos OnBoard for Canon tracks print, copy and scan activity on MEAP-enabled Canon MFPs. There are two primary components to Argos OnBoard for Canon: the Java-based MEAP application that gets installed and runs on your Canon MFP, and the server-based software that the MEAP application talks to.

Before you start

To install, you will need:

  • A functioning Argos system
  • IP Address of Canon device
  • Access to Argos Manager
  • Argos Communication Service installed
  • At least one PIN code set up for a user in Argos Manager
  • Review the requirements & restrictions of Argos for Canon MEAP

Using the Scan-to-Email function on your Canon MFP? You will also need to have email addresses assigned to your users in Argos Manager. These can be imported through Active Directory or through a scheduled import from a CSV file.

Install Argos on Canon MFP

To install Argos OnBoard for Canon directly on your device, follow the instructions for your model series:

Configure the Canon MFP in Argos Manager

  1. Open Argos Manager and click "Devices and Terminals" tab
  2. Double-click Advanced Tracking>OnBoard for Canon MFP from the right-side panel
  3. Enter the IP address of the Canon MFP
  4. Set your maximum PIN length
  5. Click Associate with Server and click "OK"
  6. A web page will open confirming that the device is associated with the server.
  7. Type the name and choose the optional Group, Location, and Manager on the Device Information tab.
  8. Click OK

Argos Secure Release

Argos Secure Release is available for Canon MEAP devices. Follow these steps to enable and configure.

Requirements & restrictions


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