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Argos Advanced Tracking for Canon IPF devices can track all print and replot activity with ink density or item information from any IPF series Canon color plotter.

To install, you will need the following:

  • IP address of your Canon IPF plotter
  • Access to Argos Manager

Configuring your device in Argos Manager

  1. Open Argos Manager and browse to Devices and Terminals
  2. From the right-side menu, double-click Advanced Tracking>Canon imagePROGRAF
  3. Type the name of your device in the name field
  4. Type the IP address of your device in the IP field
  5. Choose billing based on ink density or defined media type (see below for more details)
  6. Check box next to "Enabled"
  7. If using multiple Argos Integration Servers, select the desired Integration server to run this task
  8. Click OK

Tracking by Ink Density

The most common usage of the Canon IPF Advanced Tracking adapter is to determine the amount of ink used per plot, and to assign a different billing rate based on ink. With large format inkjet plotters, the ink is far more expensive than the paper, so to accurately recover your costs, we recommend tracking by the amount of ink.

  1. Under "How would you like to charge for print jobs from this device?" choose "Charge based on how much ink each job uses
  2. Select "Basic line drawing" and assign it to a related Argos item. If you do not have Ink Density items set up, scroll to the bottom of the item list and choose "Add new media..."

  3. Continue mapping for the four Ink Density Ranges (Basic line drawing, Dense line drawing, Drawing or map with images, Full color full bleed image)
  4. Click "OK"

Tracking by Canon Item Type

A less common method to tracking Canon IPF plotters is by the type of paper used in the machine. This is useful if the device supports multiple rolls and a variety of paper types are used (Bond, Glossy, Film, Matte, etc). This method is not recommended for single-roll IPF plotters.

  1. Under "How would you like to charge for print jobs from this device?" choose "Charge based on the item used for the print job"
  2. Select a Canon Item from the Settings list that you would like to map to an Argos item and click "Edit..."
  3. Select the appropriate Argos item from the dropdown list. If you do not have additional items configured in Argos, scroll to the bottom of the list and choose "Add new media..."
  4. Continue mapping all desired Canon items that you may use
  5. Click "OK"

Ink Density Mapping definitions

  • Basic line drawing is a typical CAD output (floor plans, elevations, etc.). 0-46 microliters per square foot.
  • Dense line drawing is a CAD document with a large amount of text or a large number of lines or other vectors. 48-186 microliters per square foot.
  • Drawing or map with images is a document that mixes lines, text, and large areas of color. 186-557 microliters per square foot.
  • Full color, full bleed image is a presentation board, poster, or other high-coverage document. Over 557 microliters per square foot.

Supported Models

Canon IPF Advanced Tracking is supported on the following models:

  • iPF500
  • iPF600
  • iPF605
  • iPF650
  • iPF700
  • iPF720
  • iPF5100
  • iPF6000
  • iPF6100
  • iPF6200
  • iPF6300
  • iPF6350
  • iPF8000
  • iPF8100
  • iPF8300
  • iPF9000
  • iPF9100
  • None