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The optional HP Designjet Ink Density Adapter (IDA) replaces native Argos Print Tracking for Windows with a controller-based mechanism that adds the ability to distinguish print jobs based on the amount of ink used.

Instead of augmenting Argos print tracking, the IDA replaces it. For this reason we will disable tracking for existing Designjet print queues in Argos, then create standalone Argos devices that use the adapter to track.

Installing the HP Designjet Ink Density Adapter

  1. In Argos Manager, navigate to the Devices page.
  2. In the right pane, locate the HP Designjet device to which you wish to add IDA tracking. Move it to an untracked device group (you may need to create a device group for this purpose).
  3. In the Advanced Tracking section on the far right, double-click "HP Designjet."
  4. The device properties dialog appears with the HP Designjet tab selected.
  5. In the Device IP or hostname field, type the IP address or DNS name of the Designjet device. Click the Test button to verify that Argos can communicate with the HP Designjet controller.
  6. Click OK.
  7. Select "Basic Line Drawing" from the Ink Density/Argos Media mappings table and click Edit...
  8. If you have created media types to correspond to the four ink density mappings, you can map them here. If not, click the drop down menu and choose Add new media...
  9. A new media box will appear. Give the media a name (Large Color Line Drawing, for example), and set the pricing basis appropriately. We generally recommend using square foot pricing for any roll-based plotting, but in some cases you may use a different pricing basis.
  10. Repeat steps for the other three ink density mappings, then click OK

The IDA defines four categories for your HP Designjet output. The ink density ranges specified below were developed by HP after extensive research:

Basic line drawing is a typical CAD output (floor plans, elevations, etc.). 0-46 microliters per square foot.

Dense line drawing is a CAD document with a large amount of text or a large number of lines or other vectors. 48-186 microliters per square foot.

Drawing or map with images is a document that mixes lines, text, and large areas of color. 186-557 microliters per square foot.

Full color, full bleed image is a presentation board, poster, or other high-coverage document. Over 557 microliters per square foot.

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