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What is Argos OnBoard for Konica Minolta?

Argos OnBoard for Konica Minolta enables user authentication on the panel of your MFP, provides Secure Release and Global Print functionality, and tracks all copy, print and scan activity. 

Learn more about Argos OnBoard for Konica Minolta.

How to install Argos OnBoard for Konica Minolta


Argos OnBoard for Konica Minolta is a software extension to the Argos System that lets you capture print, copy, scan, and fax activity on compatible Konica Minolta MFPs. The software resides on a server in your office. Each Konica Minolta MFP is then configured to respond to that server for authentication and accounting.

Verifying the server component

The Konica Minolta server component is installed as part of the Argos Application Server package, which is typically installed concurrent with your Argos database. The server component runs as a Windows Service.

To verify that the Konica Minolta server component is installed:

  1. Navigate to Start > Settings > Control Panel > Administrative Tools > Services
  2. Locate the Argos OnBoard for Konica Minolta service. If the service is missing then you will need to install it as outlined here.
  3. Verify that the service status is Started.

Preparing your MFP

Before starting, ensure that SSL is enabled on your Konica Minolta MFP. You will need 128MB external memory to run Argos Global Print.

Specific settings are required on a KM device to support Argos OnBoard for Konica Minolta. Follow the steps in this KB article to enable an SSL certificate on your device:

If your KM device has a Fiery controller, please note that the KM will require a different IP address from the Fiery itself. Please contact your KM representative if the device is not properly configured.

Setting up the Argos authentication application on your MFP

  1. Select OnBoard for Konica Minolta MFP from the "Advanced" menu of Devices & Terminals

  2. Enter the IP address of your MFP in the "IP address" field.
  3. If your MFP has an EFI Fiery controller on a separate IP address, enter the Fiery IP address in the "Fiery IP address" field. Leave this as if no Fiery is installed.
  4. Select the types of activity you wish to track directly from the device: Prints, Scans, Copies and/or Faxes. Note: We only recommend tracking prints directly from the device if a Fiery is not installed. Tracking printing at the device requires users to enter a PIN code in their Konica Minolta print driver. See "Setting up Windows print drivers for print tracking" for more info.
  5. Some administrator functions of the Konica Minolta devices can produce print, copy, scan and fax activity without a valid username. In most cases, we recommend ignoring these records. However, you may want to enable tracking for some or all features.
  6. Konica Minolta MFPs report two page sizes: Small and Large. By default we assign these to letter (8.5"x11") and tabloid (11"x17"). You can change these sizes in the dimensions area.
  7. Open the integration dialog by clicking the OnBoard application button. You'll be presented with an integration dialog.
  8. Enter the device's administrator password. Contact your Konica Minolta technician if you are uncertain of this password.
  9. Install integration to the device by clicking the "Install" button.
  10. A series of messages will appear. At the conclusion of the process, a success message is displayed.

From the integration dialog, you may also click the Status button at any time to verify the state of the Argos application on your Konica Minolta device:

Note that the dialog reached from the OnBoard application button does not reflect the current state of your MFP. Rather, it's intended as a way to configure your MFP using the settings you choose before you click Install. If you need to change settings, you must remove the application from the MFP (via the Remove button), change your settings as needed, then re-install (via the Install button).

Device Information tab

The "Device Information" tab is present on every Argos device, and includes the following options:

  • Device name (Enter the name of your MFP here)
  • Device Group (Select which Argos Device Group should be used here)
  • Location (Enter the office/building/floor/department where this device is installed)
  • Owner (If a certain employee is responsible for this device, enter them here)
  • Color assignment (see below)


Color Assignment

Argos reports if a print, copy, scan or fax was color or monochrome. In some cases, we are not able to determine this from the device. For example. A scan on a Konica Minolta MFP will have "undetected" color, while copies, prints and faxes will be detected. The Color assignment option has two functions:

  1. Define the Default color behavior for undetected color activity on a specific device
  2. Choose if users are able to override the color selection through the Argos Desktop Client (check "Ask for interactive jobs")


Advanced Configuration

Built-In User Tracking

Some administrator functions of the Konica Minolta devices can produce print, copy, scan and fax activity without a valid username. In most cases, we recommend ignoring these records. However, you may want to enable tracking for some or all features.

  1. Click "Built-In User Tracking" button in KM device configuration
  2. Check the boxes for any activity types you would like to track

Because Built-In User activity is done without a valid login, there is no username associated with this activity in Argos Manager.

Allow Public User Access

If you are using Argos OnBoard for Konica Minolta to authenticate walkup activity only (copy, scan, fax) and do not want to require users to enter authentication in the print driver, you will want to enable Public User Access.

  1. Click "OnBoard Application" on Konica Minolta device configuration
  2. Check the "Allow Public User" box"
  3. Click "Close"

Define a Secondary authentication server

Argos OnBoard for Konica Minolta allows you to set a backup authentication server in case your primary server goes offline. For example, if your Argos database is in a New York office and your Konica Minolta is in the Boston office, you could define the primary server for the Boston KM device as the local server (BOS-PrintServer), and the failover server as the New York server (NYC-PrintServer). This way, if the local print server is rebooted during the day, authentication can temporarily switch to the alternate server until it comes back online. This functionality is only enabled when more than one Konica Minolta service has been installed on your network.

  1. Click "OnBoard Application" on Konica Minolta device configuration
  2. Select the secondary server from the drop-down menu
  3. Click "Close"

Removing the Argos authentication application from your MFP

  1. Right-click the device for which you wish to uninstall the authentication application. Choose Properties. Click the OnBoard Copy Tracking tab.
  2. Click the OnBoard Application button
  3. Click the Uninstall button

Note that uninstalling the authentication application from the MFP doesn't remove the OnBoard Copy Tracking function from the device in Argos

Setting up Windows print drivers for print tracking (without Fiery)

1. Locate the Windows printer, right-click, and choose Properties ("Printer Properties" in Windows 7)

2. Click the Preferences button

3. Click the large dropdown list, set to "History" by default, and choose either Network Search or Direct Entry
4. Dismiss the message by clicking OK
5. Click the Authorization/Account button
5b. If you see a dialog like this, the MFP is not set up correctly. Follow the instructions, above, in the Configuring Your MFP section
6. Uncheck the Public Access box. Enter the user's PIN code. Click Verify.

7. Dismiss all dialog boxes by clicking OK


If, after performing the steps above, Argos OnBoard isn't running on the target device, the details about what might have gone wrong can be found in the log file at the following locations on the computer where your server component is running:

For Windows XP, Windows Server 2003, and Windows Server 2003 R2:

Documents and Settings\Default User\Application Data\Sepialine\Logs\AppServer.KonicaMinoltaOnBoard.log


Documents and Settings\LocalSystem\Application Data\Sepialine\Logs\AppServer.KonicaMinoltaOnBoard.log

For Windows Server 2008, Windows Server 2008 R2, Windows 7, or Windows Vista:

\Windows\System32\config\systemprofile\Application Data\Sepialine\Logs\AppServer.KonicaMinoltaOnBoard.log

Compatible models

  • BizHub Color C224, C284, C364, C454, C554, C654, C754
  • Bizhub BW 215, 223, 25, 283, 36, 363, 423, 501, 552, 601, 652, 654, 751, 754

Secure Release

Argos Secure Release is available for Konica Minolta devices. Follow these steps to enable and configure.



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