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The Windows print tracking component of Argos is typically installed on your print servers. By default, it monitors your server's print queues, automatically configures print queues for tracking, and looks for new print queues to track. You may wish to change these default behaviors.

The Argos Tracking Configuration utility

A utility is included with Argos that lets you view and change the way Argos tracks your print queues. To access the utility:

  1. In Windows Explorer, navigate to C:\Program Files\Sepialine\Argos 7\Agent
  2. Double-click TrackingConfig.exe to launch the utility

Each print queue on the current server is listed. The TrackingMode column displays the method by which Argos tracks devices:

  • Print Processor is the preferred tracking method. It parses print jobs as they pass through your server.
  • Print Monitor is an alternate tracking method. Sepialine support staff may occasionally ask you to switch a print queue into this mode.
  • Do not track prevents the print queue from being tracked at all. This option is different than automatically tracking a printer to the Argos recycle bin.R

Removing print queues from consideration

If, after having switched a print queue to Do not track, you wish to remove a print device from the configuration utility:

In Windows, click Start > Run, type Regedit, click OK

Navigate the HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINE\Software\Sepialine\Argos\PP\Printers

Each printer is represented as a sub-node of the above registry node. Right-click the node representing the printer you wish to remove, and choose Delete

Note that removing a printer from consideration from the Argos print tracking system doesn't necessarily remove it from the Argos database. If the device in question is visible in Argos Manager, you can delete it from there (provided that no print tracking activity references it).

Preventing new print queues from being tracked

By default the Argos Agent detects new print queues and begins tracking them. To suppress this behavior:

  1. In Windows Explorer, navigate to C:\Program Files\Sepialine\Argos 7\Agent
  2. Open the Agent.Hosts.AgentService.exe.config file in Notepad
  3. Find the line containing <add name="DefaultTrackingMode" value="1"></add>
  4. Change the value to "0"
  5. Stop and restart the Argos Agent service
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