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This page outlines the step for upgrading an Argos 7 installation to a newer Argos 7 point release.

For information on migrating from Argos 6 to Argos 7, click Upgrading from Argos 6 to Argos 7here. For information on migrating Argos 7 to a new server, click here .

To upgrade your Argos 7 installation:

  1. Download the latest Argos 7 from here.
  2. On your existing deployment server , double-click the Argos7Install.exe file you downloaded in step 1. Your deployment folder will be upgraded immediately.
  3. At the conclusion of the upgrade process, the Launcher will run in upgrade mode (see screenshot).
  4. If your deployment server hosts running Argos software, click the Upgrade button in the Launcher.
  5. If Argos software is running on other servers, visit each server, navigate to your shared deployment folder, then run Launcher and click the Upgrade button.

Argos Launcher in upgrade mode

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