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Filters can be applied to reports and allocated activity. Complex filter rules can be defined, and saved for future use.
Filter options include:


  • Define the date range for your report - choose a specific date, or use the drop-down to choose from a predefined list - This Month, Last Month, This Week.
  • Order by "Tracked" date (when job was printed/copied/faxed/etc) or "Billed" date (when job was assigned to a billing code)


  • Include all or some status codes in your filter
  • Generally used in Interactive Billing environments

Billing Code

  • Include some or all Billing Codes (i.e. projects, clients, departments, etc) in your filter
  • Show all, only active or only referenced (codes that have activity associated with them)
  • Generally used in Interactive Billing environments


  • Include some or all media types


  • Include some or all Devices
  • Sort by Device Groups


  • Include some or all users
  • Sort by User Groups

Additonal Options

  • Include Page Breaks (recommended for External Reports)
  • Wrap Long Filenames
  • Use Metric Units
  • Include Comments on Detailed Reports (not recommended for External Reports)
  • Include Recycled Activities (adds data from the recycle bin, not recommended
  • Custom Header and footer

Once a filter has been defined, you can save it for future use. Any saved filters will appear in the dropdown at the top of the filter menu.

Displaying comments on reports used as backup for clients is not recommended. If one of your users adds an inappropriate comment to a record, this will appear on the customer's backup report.

  • None