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Argos OnBoard for Xerox tracks walkup copies, scans and prints on JBA and AccXES enabled Xerox devices.

Before you start

To install, you will need:

  • A functioning Argos system
  • IP Address of a supported Xerox device
  • Access to Argos Manager
  • Argos Communication Service installed
  • At least one PIN code set up for a user in Argos Manager
  • Network Accounting (for small format devices) or AccXES (for large format devices) enabled on your Xerox
  • Xerox Off-Box Accounting should be disabled prior to Argos installation

Configure your Xerox device in Argos Manager

  1. Open Argos Manager and click "Devices and Terminals" tab
  2. Double-click Advanced Tracking>OnBoard for Xerox MFP from the right-side panel
  3. Enter the IP address or hostname of your device
  4. By default, all job types will be tracked. To disable tracking for one or more (copy, print, scan), click "Settings" next to "Track MFP activity"
  5. Click the "Device Information" tab to enter a name, group and/or location.
  6. Click OK

Enable Accounting on your Xerox device

Xerox accounting functions can vary from model to model. For small format devices, the "Network Accounting Kit" is required, and Network Accounting must be enabled. For large format devices, AccXES accounting must be enabled. Please contact your Xerox dealer to order the appropriate accounting function.

Argos Secure Release

Argos Secure Release is available for Xerox devices. Follow these steps to enable and configure.

Download the Quick Guide

This is a quick one-page guide for end users. Paid Argos customers are entitled to distribute this file freely.

Argos Quick Guide - Xerox (PDF)


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