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When moving from Argos 6 to Argos 7, the most common question we get is "How do I get my project list in the new database?"

Scheduled import from an accounting package

If you were previously importing projects from an accounting package, CSV file, Excel file or another source in Argos 6, we recommend continuing to do that in Argos 7. 

Manual import from Argos 6

If projects were manually entered in Argos 6, and you plan to keep that process in Argos 7, you can set up a one-time import of projects from Argos 6.

You will need:

  1. Name of Argos 6 SQL Server
  2. SQL instance name, if used (default: SEPIALINE)
  3. SQL username (default: Argos)
  4. SQL password (default: Sepialine)
  5. SQL database name (default: Argos)


Set up SQL Import

  1. Click Projects>Configure (gear icon) >Import
  2. Select "Imports billing codes from variety of sources" and click "Configure..."
  3. Select "Specify connection string" 
  4. Choose "Microsoft OLE DB Provider for SQL Server", the click "Next"
  5. Enter your SQL Server name (YOURSERVER\SEPIALINE), username (Argos), password (Sepialine) and database (Argos)
  6. Click "Test Connection" to confirm that the settings are correct
  7. Click "OK"
  8. Select "ArgProjects" as the project table
  9. Select "Number" for Number field
  10. Select "Name" for Name field
  11. Select "Active" for Active field
  12. Select "True" for Active Value field
  13. Leave other fields blank
  14. Click "Preview" to see how the imported codes will appear
  15. If using phases, click the "Phases" tab
  16. Select "ArgSubProjects" as the phase table
  17. Select "Number" for Number field
  18. Select "Name" for Name field
  19. Select "Active" for Active field
  20. Select "True" for Active Value field
  21. Select "ParentProject" for Project number field
  22. Click "Preview" to see how the imported phases will appear
  23. Click "OK"


Run the Import

Click "Run now" to manually run the import. You will see a progress bar and a success message when finished.