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Deltek Vision is one of the most common accounting programs in the AEC market. Argos 7 has direct integration with Deltek Vision to both import project, phases and tasks from Vision, and to export billed activity back to Vision.

To import from Vision:

Select Projects>Configure (gear icon) >Import

Vision Credential Options

We offer two methods for importing projects from Deltek Vision. You can either use a Vision username/password, or a SQL username/password. If your Vision database is hosted by Deltek, or a third party Deltek provider, you must use the Vision credential option, as there is no direct SQL access in a hosted Vision environment.

Using Vision credentials

Select "Imports billing codes from Deltek Vision database" and click "Configure..."

Enter your Vision Server info:

Server: Vision web service URL (usually https://YOURVISIONURL/visionws.asmx - ask your Vision Cloud provider if you are unsure)

Database: Your Vision Database

Login/Password: Any Vision username/password combination. 

Using SQL credentials


Select "Imports billing codes from Deltek Vision database (legacy)" and click "Configure..."

Enter your Vision SQL Server info:

Server: Your SQL Server

Database: Your Vision Database

Login/Password: A SQL username with SELECT rights on the Vision database. Specifically, the username needs read-only access to the PR, EM, and seUser tables.

Don't know your SQL username/password? Try DeltekVision/Password1

Click "Test connection" to confirm that your settings are correct.

Import Settings

Import Tiers

Decide which billing tiers (WBS Levels, in Vision-speak) you would like to import. While Argos supports all three tiers (Project, Phase, Task), many users prefer to only bill cost recovery data to the phase level. In this case, uncheck "Tasks".

Import Only Active?

Sepialine recommends only importing Active projects into Argos. However, if you'd like to display all inactive projects as well, uncheck this box.

Project Manager

Deltek Vision optionally stores a Project Manager, Principal and Supervisor username for each project. If you'd like to import this info into Argos for reporting purposes, select which field to use, and enter your domain name.

Project Type

Vision has three Project Types - Overhead (H), Promotional (P) and Regular (R). Argos also has a concept of project type. If you'd like to import this info into Argos for reporting purposes, click the "Configure" button and map the types accordingly.


 Deltek Vision stores an Office Code for each project. If you'd like to import this into Argos for reporting purposes, check this box.

Deltek Vision "Offices" may not line up with the Office names you would like to assign to your users and/or devices in Argos. For example, within one physical office (San Francisco), Vision may have several sub offices for different departments. If you'd prefer to group your devices or users into locations rather than location/departments, we recommend creating your own office names within Argos.


The Deltek Vision import can be run manually or on a schedule. If you'd like to schedule the import, click the "Schedule..." button and define a schedule. Sepialine recommends importing from Vision on a nightly basis, but some customers prefer to import several times a day.

Run the Import

Click "Run now" to manually run the Vision import. You will see a progress bar and a success message when finished.

Custom Vision imports

Want to see your Vision billing data in a different format? The standard Argos importer can import directly from any SQL database, including Vision. You can create a specialized view in your Vision database, or create a custom SQL script to run within the standard importer. See "Importing Billing Codes from a SQL Database" for more information. Custom imports are only available with databases that allow SQL Server access.