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Page: How do I add a new project?
In most Argos environments, billing codes are added through an automated process that imports from an accounting package, such as Deltek Vision, Sage, Timberline or BST. Click here for more informatio…
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Page: How Do I Manually Run a Billing Code Import?
We typically recommend importing Billing Codes from your accounting package on an hourly basis. However, if you have just added a project in your accounting package and need it available in Argos imme…
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Page: How do I set up a billing period?
Defining a Billing Period can simplify your reporting process. For example, if your billing period starts on the 25th of each month instead of the 1st, you can define it in the Argos Manager, and then…
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Page: Importing Billing Codes from a MySQL database
MySQL is a popular open-source database format. It is used by some accounting packages as an alternative to Microsoft SQL Server. To import billing codes from a MySQL database, follow these steps: Set…
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Page: Importing Projects from Deltek Vision
Deltek Vision is one of the most common accounting programs in the AEC market. Argos 7 has direct integration with Deltek Vision to both import project, phases and tasks from Vision, and to export bil…
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