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Page: How do I add a new project?
In most Argos environments, billing codes are added through an automated process that imports from an accounting package, such as Deltek Vision, Sage, Timberline or BST. Click here for more informatio…
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Page: Importing Billing Codes from a MySQL database
MySQL is a popular open-source database format. It is used by some accounting packages as an alternative to Microsoft SQL Server. To import billing codes from a MySQL database, follow these steps: Set…
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Page: Importing Billing Codes from BST
BST Enterprise is a highly-customizable SQL-based accounting package. Because the configuration can vary greatly from company to company, custom import scripts are typically required for each installa…
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Page: Importing Projects from Axium Ajera
Axium Ajera is a SQL-based accounting package. The following describes a basic import of active project and phase numbers/names from an Ajera database. Set up Connection to Ajera Open Argos Manager an…
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