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Argos can track print activity from many different sources, including:

  • Windows. Any - Any print job sent through a Windows print queue, either on a central print server or locally on a workstation, can be tracked
  • Macintosh. Any - Any print job sent from an OSX computer (10.4 or higher) can be tracked.
  • Novell. Any - Any print job sent through an iPrint queue can be tracked.
  • Mobile devices. Print - Print jobs sent from mobile devices (iOS, Android) can be tracked if using a standard print management program.
  • Print Submission tools. Prints sent via 3rd-party submission tools that bypass print queues Integrated devices - Many devices can be tracked with specific integration adapters

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  • using device-specific integration, which will track any of the above printing as well as reprinting, vendor-specific submission tools and more.