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Billing Codes can be added to Argos 7 from a variety of sources. While it is possible to manually add a Billing Code to Argos, most customers prefer to automate the process as an import from another source.  Argos can import up to five tiers of Billing Codes from any ODBC-compliant data source, including:

Many proprietary database applications do offer ODBC drivers to access their applications. If you have a system that is not on this list, contact Sepialine Support or your database vendor to determine if an ODBC driver is available. Typically, if an ODBC driver is not available, the accounting application can create a CSV export of Billing Codes that Argos can import.


Not all ODBC drivers are supported on 64-bit computers. Windows x64 operating systems only ship with SQL Server ODBC drivers. Click here for information on CSV, Excel and Access x64 ODBC drivers.


  • Data Source - where the billing codes will come from. Either Deltek Vision, or "a variety of sources" (aka any ODBC-compliant source)
  • Integration server - If Argos Application Server is installed multiple places, you can choose which server will handle the automated import. Choose a server in the same office as your accounting database.
  • De-activate orphaned codes - If checked, billing codes will no longer be active for users after they have been deactivated in your accounting system. Reports will still show data billed to inactive projects. 
  • Enabled - If checked, the import runs on the schedule defined in the "Schedule.." dialog

Scheduling the import

We recommend importing billing codes once an hour, regardless of how often your accounting system is updated. If your accounting system is accessed over a WAN connection, you may want to limit the frequency to reduce network traffic.

Supported Accounting packages

Argos can import Billing Codes from a wide variety of accounting packages, including, but not limited to:

Legal Accounting packages:

A/E/C Accounting packages:

Advertising/Creative Accounting Packages:

  • ADvantage
  • Clients and Profits

General business Accounting Packages:

  • Microsoft Dynamics
  • Microsoft Dynamics SL (aka Solomon)
  • Replicon Web TimeSheet
  • Sage
  • Great Plains
  • Timberline
  • Peachtree
  • Oracle (or any Oracle-based system)
  • Quickbooks (requires Quickbooks ODBC driver add-on from Intuit, included with Quickbooks Enterprise)

Have an accounting package not on this list? Contact Sepialine Support to determine if it is supported.

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