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When you click the Reports & Data icon, your initial view is the Report Gallery (see screenshot). The Report Gallery displays a list of the available reports in Argos.

To view a report, click its name in the Gallery view.

Here is an example of a "Job Detail - Internal" report. For descriptions of the various reports included with Argos 7, see here .

Initially your report will contain all the data in your Argos database. You will most likely need to filter it to only display a subset of your Argos data. The filter panel, on the right side of your report, lets you do just that. Filters are described here in more detail.

Once you have the report in the format you'd like, and with the data you'd like, you can export it in a number of ways. We recommend exporting to PDF, then, if desired, printing from Adobe Acrobat. You can also export to Word (.doc), Excel (.xls) or Rich Text (.rtf). You can also print directly from the Argos Manager by clicking the "printer" icon, but we recommend saving it to a hard format first.


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