What is Argos onBoard for KIP?

Argos OnBoard for KIP can track all print, copy and scan activity from any IPS or System K series KIP wide format device. All plots sent through KIP Request, KIP Print, PrintNET, Windows printing and Mac 

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To install, you will need the following:

Configuring your device in Argos Manager

Argos Advanced Tracking for KIP uses two device settings - "pull" and "push". "Pull" imports data from the KIP controller, "Push" sends valid users/pins to the controller for walkup authentication.

  1. Open Argos Manager and browse to Devices and Terminals
  2. From the right-side menu, double-click Advanced Tracking>KIP IPS (Pull)
  3. Type the IP address of your device in the IP field
  4. Click the "Device Information" tab and enter a device name (e.g. "KIP 3100") and optionally define the device group, location and manager
  5. Click OK
  6. Select KIP IPS (Push) from the right-side menu, and drag it on top of your KIP adapter.
  7. Enter the IP address of your KIP controller
  8. Click "OK"
  1. Click Schedule... and select an interval
  2. Click Run now to push the user list to the device immediately
  3. Click OK to close the adapter

Argos 7.0.8 introduced an exciting new feature - as-printed print tracking directly from the KIP controller. If you are running KIP 7 on your controller, Argos tracks all printing - Windows, Mac, KIP Request, etc - directly at the device. No need to track individual print queues. If you have the latest KIP software as well as Argos 7.0.8, we now recommend checking the "Windows and LPR" box under "Track Print Activity" to take advantage of this new feature.

KIP Controller Configuration

The KIP controller will now need to be set to require authentication for walkup activity.

  1. Log in on the panel as an administrator. The default username/password is admin/kip
  2. Click the Help button
  3. Click the Service button
  4. Enter the administrative password. The default password is "8675309". Jenny, I got your number.
  5. On the Service Configuration window, click Username Required and Password Required
  6. Click OK
  7. Log out. At this point, your KIP controller should show a list of usernames and one project code - RouteToDesktop. To make a copy or scan, select your username, enter your pin, select RouteToDesktop and click OK.
  8. To Log Out, click the Log Out button

KIP Request

KIP Request is a stand-alone batch plotting utility provided by KIP. With Unified Accounting enabled on your controller, all Argos users will be available in KIP Request. To send a print job through Request, follow these steps:

  1. Choose your username from the Username dropdown
  2. Enter your PIN code
  3. Select "RouteToDesktop" from Project dropdown menu
  4. Click "Submit"

KIP PrintNet

KIP PrintNet is a web-based plot submission tool provided by KIP. With Unified Accounting enabled on your controller, all Argos users will be available in KIP PrintNet.

Supported Devices

Argos supports IPS and System K controllers. 

IPS Controllers:

System K Controllers:


Devices running System K software must have the KIP Accounting and Cost Control license installed. Contact your KIP dealer to request this license if it is not already present.


Legacy KIP models

KIP wide format devices that do not have IPS or System K series controllers can be tracked through Argos print tracking. Copies, scans and Request jobs on these models cannot be tracked.